Don’t Let Your Illness Define You

Living with a chronic issue is a pain in the ass (sometimes literally!)

We might have chronic pain or discomfort (Hello nausea and pain in my back).

We might have mental health concerns (screw you, anxiety and depression!). We’re sarcastic and comedic often to cope or to mask them.

Hi, I’m Lisa and I’m your new ally.

I live with a list of health conditions and although manageable, it consumes a fair amount of physical and mental energy and I haven’t even gotten out of bed yet. My day often starts with my energy reserves on low, and you know how you scramble to plug in your phone at 15%? I’m living on that 15% level of energy daily.

I wake up sleepy and go to bed awake. My head doesn’t shut off, my back doesn’t stop complaining and my health issues resemble a shopping list. It’s getting far too long.

I spend my time being a human guinea pig. I’m always trying to find a way to feel better, whether or not my list of issues changes. I read books, learn new things, examine my life, build processes, destroy them, and otherwise spend my time trying to figure out how to live my life better. This blog is the result.

If, like me, you are tired of looking for answers to questions that seem to only answer the problems of the general public without any regard for those living with pain and illness.

Then this blog is for you because I spend all my time online figuring out how to make other ideas and concepts work for people who deal with pain, and the debilitating self-doubt that can come with anxiety and depression.

I aim to be a breath of fresh air to the overwhelming drone of self-improvement, blogging and life advice given to us that is only partially useful.

Which brings me to the name of this blog. Ahh… That’s Better. It’s how you should feel when spending time here.